Cow one Christ

Cow one Christ 2018Assemblage26cm x 6cm SOLD Somehow making work for the Cabinet exhibition at Daisy Laing’s gallery in Penzance allowed ‘Cow one Christ’ to come together. Finding a cabinet and an orange wall at the gallery focused the elements, which I had been living with for a while, of this assemblage in my mind. …

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She dreams mostly in animal

She dreams mostly in animal 2018Assemblage, mixed media24cm x 12cm Initially the plastic doll was a place to put unmixed oil paint at the end of a painting session. Then she became a new piece of work in her own right. Later acquiring a once grand ornate Chinese glove box as a home and more …

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Golden Panda

Golden Panda 2018Assemblage12cm x 6cm SOLD This assemblage was the product of a long process of finding the various objects and trying multiple ways of joining them together. The key idea was the hollowing out and gilding of the found wooden block. The weather beaten driftwood appeared on Mounts Bay Beach after a storm. The …

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Handy horse

Handy horse 2018Assemblage7cm x 6cm A visit to an art gallery in Spain yielded the small plastic hand, a rare new purchase and not easy for me to make with regards to the environment, however it made this piece come together when I discovered the fit was perfect with the plastic horse. I try to …

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Lion in lead coat

Tiger in lead coat 2018Assemblage, mixed media6cm x 10cm SOLD Tiger in lead coat was the product of a long process, the 30s tiger came from a charity shop and the lead from a field near Penzance. It , as it were,  fell together when I dropped the lead onto the floor and it seemed …

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Polar bear

Polar bear 2017Assemblage, mixed media15cm x 15cm A quick creative process lead to this piece, the circuit board the bear walks on was found at the beach, the wood from outside someone’s house in Penzance, and the bear from Ebay. It is obvious to say that we could not have a more poignant symbol of …

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