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The sea the sea

Having moved to the very tip of Cornwall I have come to understand the power exerted by the sea. West Penwith is surrounded by a vast timeless substance that is so much more than just a liquid pushed by tides. The scale and the draw of the sea makes my everyday concerns seem futile.


 My experience of the sea and to some extent the moors hereabouts is that I am thrown into the present moment more and more by walking and exploring the cliffs and the ancient footpaths. When I walk in sight of the sea or over the moors, I don’t slip into reminisce or worry about future events, I am forced to be in the moment, simply because there is so much to see and to feel. At the night seeing the sky peppered with a million stars the same feelings come over me as I’m made aware of how tiny and short lived I am in respect to the vastness of time and space.


Not just the seasons, but also each day brings novelty of light and atmosphere. The wind and rain come hard in across the Atlantic in squalls, and like a piece of music that hooks you in and makes you just feel, you react because at that moment there seems to be nothing else to be done.



I ran out to the harbour arm at Newlyn in Cornwall. It was the first sunny day since we moved to Penzance. I felt the pull of the sun and the still cool breeze off the sea, and could stay in no longer. As I approached the end of the harbour wall passing moored trawlers, green stranded nets and rusting cranes I saw a man looking out to sea. He said

‘Did you see the porpoise?’

We both watched the porpoise make 6 arcs out of the water, revealing a nicked fin. The arcs occurred a few seconds apart and with each we both remarked


As a fishing boat turned into the harbour lop sided with it’s catch the porpoise came out of the water right next to the hull. The man told me that the porpoise had circled around in the water near him and seemed friendly. He urged it to go out to sea.

I left, running back changed by the experience, elated and feeling light on my feet, looking out to sea from the promenade, I whispered