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Walking, drugs and skylarks.

The 3rd of June was the first night I slept through the night without the aide of Ibuprophen. As a vegan I have to acknowledge that animals have been experimented on in the process of developing the drugs I take. I give money to the Dr Hadwen Trust which campaigns and carries out non animal based research and drug development, this is all I can do to change the future of animal experimentation.


There isn't much we do in life which doesn't have some effect on some other being, I try to remember this and live accordingly.

Walking has been a miracle cure for me, I have started to walk longer and longer distances. They have acted as a gentle massage to my scar tissue and left shoulder. Without this my lungs would also not have got back to some where near how they were before the pneumonia. My most frequent walk out to to the end of the harbour arm at Newlyn, has been accompanied by a pair of skylarks, who play and display above the stinking trawlers and rope sheds. Their song is a magical addition to the therapy of walking.