Environmental policy

Tim Ridley has been registered as self-employed with HM Revenue & Customs (UK) since 1986.
In March 2017, inspired by Ellie Harrison’s environmental policy, he has written his own.


Tim has been a vegan since the 1986. Dietary choice reduces personal carbon footprint by the largest amount (Click here or on the picture for more info)

He buys locally produced organic or at least non sprayed vegetables, does not consume soya products, palm oil and prepares most meals freshly at home using the least amount of water and energy to do so.
Through Trip advisor he promotes restaurants who do cater for vegans, which in turn encourages others to follow suit and helps other vegans to find good restaurants.


Since the 90s Tim has used 100% renewable energy suppliers, Good Energy and then Ecotricity. Always using low energy bulbs and fridges.


Tim has held a full UK Driving Licence since 1980, but for environmental and financial reasons chooses not to own a car.
Whenever it is possible Tim walks,uses a push bike he has owned since 1990 or public transport.

Recycling, materials

Tim recycles all of the day-to-day waste that is practically possible given the facilities provided by Cornwall County Council.
This includes paper, cardboard, soft plastics, tins and cans, glass, used clothes and shoes go to charity shops, vegetable waste is walked to friends compost bins. He reuses envelopes and refuses plastic bags and other packaging whenever possible.

Penzance has been declared ‘Plastic free’
(Click here or on the picture for more info)

Photograph by Katrina Naomi 2021

Tim opts into all ‘paperless billing’ schemes offered by his suppliers.
He carries a refillable BPA free flask for drinking water and will never buy water unless in emergency.
He uses rechargeable AA / AAA batteries.
Tim’s paintings, collages and drawings are made on only found or previously used supports, miniature diptychs are hinged using metal recovered from beaches, fields and dock foreshores lessening metal contamination.
No new materials or brushes have animal content.

Tim has done all his personal and business banking through The Co-operative Bank and Triodes which both operate strict ethical policies with regards to human rights, international development, ecological impact and animal welfare.

Continuous Improvement

Building development related to Tim’s studio will be done with as much re use and recycling of materials as possible.
Local granite will be used and local contractors.