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Article in The Cornishman

Frank Ruhrmund has writen a wonderful piece in The Cornishman about the 3 shows currently at Daisy Laing's gallery in Chapel Stree, Penzance. Kate Jones the curator was quite rightly praised for getting so much art in such a small space. I was very pleased to have been complimented on my work, but more importantly for me and for the planet's good, Frank understands why I make work around the critical animal/human story.


Dogmonkey accepted for Beep2018

Got some good news. Dogmonkey has been accepted into Beep2018 up there in Swansea, from the 3rd of August at Elysium gallery, 16 College Street. PV on Friday the 3rd.

The monkey is sourced from a pictiure of one of the primates used during the Russian space programme in the 60s, he did not survive the trip.


The Bison in Cornwall Life Magazine

Very pleased to have been included in an article about the upcoming 'Drawing Explored' show, curated from the work of NSA artists at Tremmenheere, PV tomorrow 2-5 in the gallery to the left of the café.


Cultivator film

Cultivator have made a film about my work and experience of mentoring with Jason Walker. Set partly in my new studio loft space and at Daisy Laings where my last exhibition was staged.


Week long residency at Brisons Veor

Two storms didn't deter my efforts at creating in splendid isolation during a residency and Brisons Veor on Cape Cornwall.

Working mainly on a new series of diptychs, featuring monkeys, with some birds and other animals appearing too. 3 larger paintings also were completed, there could not have been a more perfect place in which to concentrate soley on painting and drawing.