Lion in lead coat

Tiger in lead coat 2018Assemblage, mixed media6cm x 10cm SOLD Tiger in lead coat was the product of a long process, the 30s tiger came from a charity shop and the lead from a field near Penzance. It , as it were,  fell together when I dropped the lead onto the floor and it seemed …

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Polar bear

Polar bear 2017Assemblage, mixed media15cm x 15cm A quick creative process lead to this piece, the circuit board the bear walks on was found at the beach, the wood from outside someone’s house in Penzance, and the bear from Ebay. It is obvious to say that we could not have a more poignant symbol of …

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Drawing 1 May

Drawing 1 2015Oil on board(?)45cm x 65cm Made from a self portrait and a found image of a primate. Copying the monkey’s pose I wanted to put myself literally alongside her, and it felt uneasy. Making larger scale charcoal drawings on found wood has become an important part of my process. I enjoy working at …

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Don’t look at me

Don’t look at me 2 2017Metal plate etching20cm x 20cm This drawing was scratched into a metal plate that was previously used by another artist to make an etching. I could not see properly what I was producing so the result has a strange slightly cumbersome look, which I liked. The title came from the …

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Ring tailed lemur

Boobook Owl 2022Oil on found hardboard66cm x 96cm This is part of a series of larger paintings made during Tim’s MA at Plymouth College of Art. The photographic reference is from a book Birds of Australia by Michael Morcombe.

Going up

Whare is my mind? 2022Oil on found hardboard66cm x 98cm Oil on found hardboard, from a series of dark background paintings made during Tim’s MA at Plymouth College of Art.

Yes, it’s time to say sorry

Twenty eight parrot 2022 Oil on found hardboard 36cm x 45cm Another painting in the series of Australian birds from the photo reference book by Micheal Morocombe.

Above us

Cuckoo-Shrike 2022Oil on found wood 65cm x 96cm This painting has been made with reference to photographs of Australian birds. The Cuckoo-Shrikes population in Australia is shrinking and the forest fires of the last few years have further eroded their teritory. This painting has been doused in used turps and set alight post painting. Made …

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