Javan tiger extinct

wey moor at Warleggan, using found imagery from a 60s wildlife annual, red seemed an appropriate colour as these animals habitat is destroyed for profit. In some areas there is hope that we will slow or perhaps halt the desecration of the environment. I am always positive about the possibility of change for the better.

Drawing 1

Made from a self portrait and a found image of a primate. Copying the monkey’s pose I wanted to put myself literally alongside her, and it felt uneasy. Making larger scale charcoal drawings on found wood has become an important part of my process. I enjoy working at a larger scale and the interaction between …

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The mangabay image is from a favourite childrens animal annual of mine called ‘Introducing Animals’ from the 50s. the pictures are all made in a zoo, and I think the monkey, natural to the Congo, looks a bit board, hand on his knee, legs stretched out on the dirt floor of his enclosure. Some of …

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The bison

The Bison is sourced from my animal annual ‘Introducing Animals’ the portraits of animals do give them some dignity, but you sense that the enclosures are always just a bit too small for animals who are used to roaming wide and far. Although it is probably the case that this animal was born in captivity …

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