Island at Enys House

Tim Ridley was part of  the Island exhibition at Enys house near Penryn over the weekend of the 15th and 16th of June 2019. 20 emerging artists placed work in 8 rooms in the ‘half restored’ Georgian mansion, which sits in grounds famous for their annual bluebell fields. The Private view was very busy and a ‘walk & talk’ session with Jesse Leroy Smith and Nina Royale on Sunday looked at the strong context that the house carries with it. The artists involved variously challenged or echoed the eroded walls and the politics of immense wealth gained from ‘others’ hard labour, whilst Tim concentrated on the aspect of animals and their place in our society, both then and now. Bats had to be persuaded to roost in the roof spaces after moving into the empty rooms after a long period of neglect at the house.

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